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              XMM-20D plate beveling machine

              Product description

              XMM - 20 d model is aimed at small specification plate groove processing and development of the groove machine, it can realize small specification plate continuous process bar plank is variant, this equipment relative to the large groove machine has the advantage of simple operation, no pressure tools, a type adjusted don't need to adjust, no technology, sewing worker can operation. Unit time production, convenient to move

              Product parameters

              XMM-20D plate beveling machine has the following advantages
              1. Easy to operate, highly mobile, easy to install artifacts
              2. foreign technology is completely self-developed, complete accessories.
              3. Processing groove speeds greater than 1.2m / min, high efficiency
              4. The machine is fully automatic beveling, reduce labor intensity;
              5. cold, groove surface without oxidation, without secondary treatment;
              6. Efficient reduction gear unit, high efficiency, low noise.
              7. multifunction desktop mirror polishing machine, suitable channels, pipes, flat steel and other
              8. suitable for all carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metal alloys and stainless steel lightweight material
              9. When the feed beveling can not clamp the workpiece, direct processing
              10.XMM-20D beveling machine, can be adjusted at 20 degrees to 55 degrees.
              11. Feed infinitely variable speed can be achieved.
              12. You can achieve continuous processing of high intensity
              13. Optional accessories can achieve a rectangular pipe and tube processing.
              Chamfering size and form of a graph
              Ⅰ.XMM-20D sample batch processing
              Ⅱ.XMM-20D batch processing of small pieces total, continuous processing technology greatly improves efficiency.